Altse Leechaa'i Baa Hane' (Story of the First Dog) - B-002

Altse Leechaa'i Baa Hane' (Legend of the First Dog) B-002

This book is now a bilingual "flipbook". Read it in both in Navajo language and English.

Audio track allows reader to hear correct Navajo pronunciation.

This is a touching, traditional story explaining the way that First Dog was granted an important role in Navajo culture, as a friend and protector. The story was translated by Lucille Hunt and illustrated with lovable, color drawings by Charles Yanito.  Reading comprehension questions in the back of book. This book includes a companion audio CD in Navajo Language.

14 pp ea Navajo language, 14 pp English language (total pages: 28), paper cover, 8.5 x 11"