Thomas doo Bik'ei

Thomas doo Bik'ei


Story and text by Kasandra Nelson

Illustrations by Molly Trainor

Editing by Clayton Long

C 2014 Printed by Southwest Printing, Cortez, Colorado

22 pages, 8.5 x 11",  color, paper-cover

Navajo Language Text with English Glossary

Primary Readers grades K-3rd or for any beginning Navajo Language Learner/Reader

Thomas doo Bik'ei is a brightly-illustrated book that introduces young readers to family and kinship terms as well as the names of favorite foods. Thomas is a young boy who visits with each of his relatives about the foods they are enjoying. Kasandra Nelson's simple, repetitive text is sure to inspire learning confidence in young readers and Molly Trainor's delightful illustrations will help generate smiles on the faces of all language learners.