Coyote Tosses the Stars

In this classic tale, readers learn how Coyote's impatience creates chaos in the Universe!

The Holy People are going about their sacred work of arranging the stars in the night sky when Coyote approaches, whining and pleading until he is allowed to place his own star in the sky. However, with Coyote once is never enough. Read about the disorder Coyote causes and about the string games that remind us of the star patterns Coyote created.

This story is told by Don Mose and llustrated by Molly Trainor. Lucille Hunt is the Navajo language editor and translator.

"Coyote Tosses the Stars" DVD is now available in Navajo language with English subtitles. You will laugh out loud with Coyote, whose voice is played by Irving Toledo. DVD can be purchased for $10.00

Pages - 48

Binding - Paperback

Text - Navajo and English

Reading level - 4th grade and up

Size - 8.5" x 11"