Dine Bingo Food

Students love Bingo and Dine Bingo is an effective and fun method for building Navajo Language vocabulary! Each Dine Bingo game includes 15 durable, laminated playing cards, 50 -word vocabulary deck, cardboard game tokens, master vocabulary chart, tray, and instructions, all inside a sturdy storage box.

Dine Bingo Food includes fifty familiar foods, colorfully-illustrated with Navajo Language vocabulary word below each picture. Each of the fifteen playing cards holds a unique set of foods. Foods represented include fruit (apple, banana, grapes, cherries, strawberries, & more), vegetables (carrot, broccoli, lettuse, corn, tomato, & more), grains (bread, crackers, cereal, popcorn & more), pinon nuts, cake, water, coffee, muttin stew, frybread and more!

Have fun and learn at the same time! Perfect for family fun, classroom, and community activities.