Dine Bikeyah Be'elyaa - Navajo Nation Map

Dine Bikeyah Be'elyaa 

Navajo Nation Map

concept, graphics, and design by Sebastian Wittig

23 x 35", full-color, laminated

This is the perfect companion map for use with Keedahwiit'iidi (the Navajo Nation Atlas) or as a reference used with Places and Plants Bingo. The large format is perfect for classroom walls. All text and reference names are in Dine Bizaad (Navajo Language). 

This is a geophysical map, illustrating the key features of the Navajo Nation, such as mountain ranges, canyons, rivers, communities, and main highways. Each of the Four Scared Mountains are identified by their directional colors. The map stretches from Shash Jaa (Blanding, UT) to south of Gallup, NM and from Flagstaff, AZ, across the Checkerboard to Tohajiilehee, NM. Insets are provided for isolated communities.