Blacksheep Family BS-N

Blacksheep Family BS-N

Navajo Language Primary Readers - Navajo language ONLY

The Blacksheep Family is a series consisting of 18 booklets designed for primary-aged children and beginning Navajo learners of any age. Each booklet contains 8 pages with simple, one or two-line sentences written in Navajo language text. Sentences are repeated on each page to provide oral practice and visual familiarity.  Children will connect with the engaging illustrations by Stephanie DeGeorge.

Authors: Elizabeth Dickey; Barbara Silversmith

Artist: Stephanie DeGeorge

Booklet size: 5.5" x 7"

Format: Paper booklet 

Titles include:1) Niyol (The Wind), 2) Shima bidah diniilghaazh (My Mother's Frybread), 3)Shima Sani Bich'ii , (My Gramdmother's Plants), 4) Shideezhi Yazhi (My Baby Sister), 5) Alah Siidlii (The Party), 6) Nihitsiigha (Our Hair), 7) Dii Shighan Ate (My House), 8) Ama doo Biyazhi (Big and Small), 9) Ashdleesh (I Paint), 10) Dii Shi Asht'i (This is Me!), 11) Shigan Haz'aadoo Ndaalnishgo Bil Ya'adaateeh (My Family Likes to Work), 12) T'aadoo le'e Ash'iigo Shaa Nahaniih (I make Things to Sell), 13) Amasani Bighangoo Oolwol (Driving to Grandma's), 14) Ts'i'ii Da'dits'os (Bug Bites), 15) Naadiishwo (I Run), 16) Shighandi (This is My House), 17) Hooghan (The Hogan),  18) Adah Iitlizh (I Fall).