Chxoshii doo Bucky / Chxoshii and Bucky B-004

Chxoshii doo Bilii, Bucky /Chxoshii and Her Horse, Bucky - B-004

(Pronounced, “chō-shē”)

Bilingual (read the book in Navajo, then flip to read in English)

Written by Leatrice Klah

Illustrated by Molly Trainor

Soft cover, 8.5 “ x 11” 14 pages (each language)

In her first book, Leatrice Klah, culture and language teacher at Bluff Elementary School, shares an experience from her youth. Following her grandfather’s request, Chxoshii rides her horse, Bucky, out to herd the family sheep. Arriving at the destination, Chxoshii and her animals are hit by a sudden thunderstorm. Where are the sheep? She and Bucky must find them!


This is a book for intermediate (4-6 grade) Navajo language learners. Book includes a vocabulary list.