Coyote Stories Audio CD Set of 8

Coyote Stories Audio CD Set of  8

Set of eight audio CDs with traditional stories in both English and Navajo language. Stories include:

Coyote and Bobcat, Coyote and Rabbit, Coyote and the Beavers, Coyote and the Horned Toad, Coyote and the Lizards, Coyote and the Loom, Coyote Tosses His Eyes, and the newest, Coyote and Skunk.

Children have the opportunity to listen and learn the language through entertaining traditional stories. The narratives are based upon stories as learned and related by Don Mose, Jr.

Coyote Story CDs can also be purchase individually for $5. each, in a set with the associated book for $15., or as a set of 8 books and 8 CDs for $100.