Dineji Nakee' Naahane' (A Utah Navajo History)

Dineji Nakee' Naahane' (A Utah Navajo History)

This is the renowned book authored by historian, Clyde Benally. The book has 189 pages, maps, black and white historical photographs, and is packed with information. The book represents many years of interviews and research gathered and compiled by Mr. Benally.  The text of this paperback edition is in English language only. Twelve chapters include the following:

1) Hajiinei

2) Anaa, Dzilk'i, Hozhonee'ji: On the Trail of Beauty

3) Haashch'eeh Dine'e Bil: With the Holy People

4) Asdza Naadleehi Bidine'e: Changing Woman's People

5)Keyah Sani: The Search for Dinetah