Journey of the Twins Posters

Journey of the Twins Posters

This is a four-poster series illustrating the powerful message of the traditional narrative, "The Legend of the Navajo Hero Twins."  Charles Yanito created the outstanding original artwork for the book and posters. Posters are all printed on heavy cardstock and laminated. Posters are available in two sizes (18" x 22" and 11" x 17"), separately, or as sets. Posters are companions for the 2013 book publication, " The Legend of the Navajo Hero Twins."

The Holy Beings Teach the Twins

Throughout their Journey, the Twins undergo trials and receive teachings. Before they are able to embark on a life of service to the People, they must stand on a firm foundation of knowledge. This poster illustrates the Twins receiving the gift of sacred knowledge from the Holy Beings.


The Twins Receive Their Weapons

After the Sun Bearer acknowledges the Twins as his sons, he arms the boys with his mighty weapons that will enable the Twins to defend themselves as they slay the enemy monsters of the Dine.


Winter Storytelling - Recounting the Journeys

The narratives of the Hero Twins live on today providing a life-long model for the Dine to follow.


The Hero Twins Naayee'neizghani doo Tobajishchini

Naayee'neizghani (Slayer of Monsters) and Tobajishchini (Born for Water) are the Navajo Hero Twins. They stand tall, ready to defend their People, the Dine, from all enemies. Given the gift of the Eagle Feather to aid in surmounting their challenges, these young boys become strong defenders and leaders.