Moccasin Game

"In the beginning, the Earth was not divided into day and night as it is today. The Daytime Animals and the Nighttime Animals could not agree about how the Earth would be organized. Of course, the Daytime Animals wanted to have daylight all the time, but the Nighttime Animals wanted the world to remain dark.  The Giant taught the animals to play the Moccasin Game, and he used the game to decide how days and nights would be organized."

Read the book in both English and Navajo to learn the rest of the story!

This hard-cover, perfect-bound book is based upon a traditional story, as told by Done Mose, Jr. This bilingual book is elegantly illustrated by renowned Navajo artist, Baje Whitethorne and edited by Katherine Hurst. The book also includes a CD with the Moccasin Game songs sung by Jim Dandy, Sr. and Monument Valley High School students.

Cultural Awareness: this book and the Moccasin Game songs can be read, sung and enjoyed during the winter months, October through February. Please be respectful and let the story "rest" during the remainder of the seasonal cycle. Thank you!