Navajo Stick Game Book

Navajo Stick Game Book


Author: Don Mose, Jr.

Illustrations: original art by Curtis Yanito

English translation: Lucille Hunt

Editing: Clayton Long (Navajo); Kathryn Hurst (English)

Bilingual text  (Navajo and English) "Flip Book"

49 pages each side

Paper-cover, perfect-bound, 8.5 x 11"

Includes Navajo Language DVD featuring Tsidil songs of Jim Dandy Sr. and students from Aneth, Utah

These stories can be read and shared throughout the year.


When Changing Woman traveled to the West to join her husband, the Sun, she bid farewell to her children, who represented the first four original clans. As time for their departure drew near, Changing Woman sensed their sadness about leaving and making the long return journey to their homeland. She created Tsidil, the Stick Game, as a gift of remembrance and as a way for her children to relax and enjoy being with one another.


The Stick Game book includes 3 stories, "Coyote and Water Monster," Frog, Lightning, & the First Stick Game," and "Changing Woman Teaches Tsidil to the Dine."