The Legend of the Navajo Hero Twins

 Just released!

The Legend of the Navajo Hero Twins has just been released as a soft-cover, spiral bound publication. This 200 page book is written in both Navajo and in English. The traditonal story is a version told by Don Mose, Jr. The dynamic, full-color illustrations are by Navajo artist, Charles Yanito. SJSD Bilingual Language Director, Clayton Long, and traditional storyteller, Lucille Hunt, are the Navajo language editors. a Katherine Hurst created the layout and English editing.

The story is an epic narrative that provides a model for facing and over-coming the challenges that all humans face throughout life. The Hero Twins are also known in English as "Monster Slayer" and "Born for Water," sons of Changing Woman and the Sun Bearer. The young boys undertake the dangerous journey to meet their father, Sun Bearer, and prove themselves as his sons. Along the way, the Twins meet advisors such as the wise Spider Woman, who provides them with special gifts for their protection. After reaching the home of the Sun Bearer, the Twins gain knowledge and skills to help them meet the most fearsome of enemies and release their people from the grip of the Monsters. 

According to Lucille Hunt, "If there is one book that anyone should read, it is this book. Many of these teachings have been lost to the general population. This book describes the consequences of behavior. These are the concepts our young people need to know. Our Grandparents told us these stories. These are true traditional teachings that help us live a good life."